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Why log shipping backups fail in an Always On Availability Group – Resolved

Sometimes it bother me how long it takes to throw a single switch which resolves a problem. This was one of those times.

Here’s the scenario. An availability group is set up and you want to log ship one of the databases to a designated DR server so you have both HA and DR at your disposal. Everything sets up just as it should, but when you run the backup no file appears in your backup directory. What’s going on?

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How to be a programmer………

This article was linked to from a recent Brent Ozar PLC newsletter. It contains a bunch of tips about how to be a programmer(Not how to program, but how to be a programmer – the distinction is important). I think it was absolutely brilliant and has huge areas of crossover to other technical roles…such as DBA’s.

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How to Find Which Databases Have Indexes With Page Level Locking Disabled

I’ve recently had to look over a client server where a maintenance plan had been failing for some time. The inhouse DBA was unaware of the failures because he had no alerting on the jobs and the big red crosses weren’t big or red enough to have caught his attention. When I looked at the cause of the failures it was due to a native maintenance plan not being able to reogranise an index with page level locking disabled. As the plan stopped on the first failure it hit I needed to find out which other databases on the server this affected so put together these TSQl statements to find out.

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