Nelson SQL Server User Group

Wanted to take a moment to announce the great news that Nelson now has it’s own SQL Server User Group.  You can join in at the Nelson SSUG page.

Even better news is we have Paul Randal lined up as our first presenter.  The session is at 6pm on the 17th September at the #GIGATOWNNSN office in Halifax Street.  Plenty of parking across the road, free Beer and Pizza and a top quality presenter.  What excuse would you possibly have NOT to come?

Session Description:  One of the first things you should check when investigating performance issues are wait statistics – as these can often point you in the direction for further analysis. Unfortunately many people misinterpret what SQL Server is telling them and jump to conclusions about how to solve the problem – what is often called ‘knee-jerk performance tuning’. In this session, you will learn what waits are, how to analyze them, and potential solutions to common problem patterns.  Paul Randal will be presenting this remote session on SQL Server Wait Statistics, and how to make the best use of them.


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