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Always On Availability Group Secondary Becomes Unreadable

An interesting issue occurred in a client environment today. The configuration was an Always On Availability Group which had a primary replica(Also a SQL cluster), a reporting replica(non-voting) and a DR replica in a different data center. There was a cluster issue the previous night which saw the report server removed from the cluster. The cluster and the availability group both recovered within 60 seconds. However one of the databases in the AOAG could not be queried from. The Availability group confirmed the database was healthy and data was transferring to it fine, but any select query just ran forever.

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It’s a Corrupt World

Luckily, in this day and age we don’t see so much database corruption, but it still sends a chill down the spine every time it pops up. Having doubt with a number of cases in a number of different places now it’s not the corruption that bothers me so much as the pure amount of time it takes to fix. Here’s some tips to get the application online as quickly as possible.

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