Alan Featherston(TradeMe) On Online OLTP

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Alan Featherston(TradeM­e) on In-Memory OLTP

Wednesday, Aug 10, 2016, 6:00 PM

The Bridge Street Collective
111 Bridge Street, Nelson City Nelson, NZ

5 SQL Enthusiasts Attending

Hi All,This month we are lucky enough to have Alan Featherston from TradeMe taking us through his findings from the research he’s been doing into In-Memory OLTP.  This is a technology that Microsoft has had at the front of their promotional queues for a while now and can result in some huge performance gains in the right circumstances.Alan is a D…

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SQL Server In-Memory OLTP can give you the opportunity to radically speed your applications. The presentation offers a quick intro to how it works, what’s new and some guidelines about good use case scenarios.


SQL Server Hekaton, aka In-Memory OLTP, was released in SQL Server 2014, two years later SQL Server 2016 introduces some changes that might finally help Microsoft reach wider adoption. Every DBA needs to understands how this technology works (not only Microsofts take but the state of the art of in-memory RDBMS) and what to expect when a new project might benefit from it.


  -A basic under the hood understanding of In-Memory OLTP

  -How to monitor and possibly troubleshoot potential issues

  -Understand usage patters

  -What’s new in 2016

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