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How Microsoft Protect Your Azure Databases

Microsoft have made the claim that you don’t need to run consistency checks on Azure SQL Databases because they take care of it. That’s nice, one less thing to worry about right? Of course to a DBA a claim like that falls into the same category as your backups being reliable without verifying them, or…I dunno…internet privacy not being a problem for people with nothing to hide. In short, unless I know HOW they are achieving this I am not going to consider my data safe, and even then I’m probably going to be dubious.

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Google IO and a Robotic Future

Robotic Workforce

Last Friday I had the very great pleasure of attending the Google IO extended presentation organised by Dhruv Valera. Dhruv put on a great event and there was a lot of interesting conversation forthcoming afterwards (along with a slight hangover). I found the content of what Google is doing absolutely fascinating, especially the concept of moving from a mobile first to an AI first approach. But the one thing that was missing was a coherent idea of what the future will look like. Google is making staggering progress, but it is incremental progress on where we are now, and I like to think the other way. Where do we want to end up, and how do we get there.

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SQL Saturday South Island is going to be awesome!

It’s 8 days until SQL Saturday South Island in Christchurch, and apart from this guy who still has to write his presentation – the event is going to be awesome. SQL Saturday South Island always punches above it’s weight for a SQL Saturday in a small city, and this year is no exception with 4 streams chock full of quality speakers. We’ve got a good mix including a bunch of MCM\MVP’s, subject matter experts and seasoned international speakers. But with quality like that comes a dilemma or two…

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SQLSAT582: Resolving the “WinRM firewall exception will not work since one of the network connection types on this machine is set to Public” Error.

At SQL Saturday Melbourne, an otherwise excellent event, my demo failed on me because the DBAtools module failed to load with the following error: Set-WSManQuickConfig : <f:WSManFault xmlns:f=”” Code=”2150859113″ Machine=”localhost”><f:Message><f:ProviderFault provider=”Config provider” path=”%systemroot%\system32\WsmSvc.dll”><f:WSManFault xmlns:f=”” Code=”2150859113″ Machine=”<machinename>”><f:Message>WinRM firewall exception will not work since one of the network connection types on this machine is set to Public. […]

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Resolved – A job step received an error at line 3 in a PowerShell script. The corresponding line is ‘$space.ForegroundColor

I was working on some Powershell automation for a weekly process for one of my colleagues and set up the powershell script to run via a SQL 2014 agent job.  After some initial permissions errors I ran into this error: Executed as user: <Agent Account>. A job step received an error at line 3 in a […]

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Speaking at SQL Saturday Sydney 2017

I’m very happy to once again be making a trip across the Tasman and will be speaking about Increasing your SQL Server performance at SQL Saturday Sydney on February 18th.  Check out the list of speakers here: SQL Saturday Sydney 2017 This will be my second time presenting at the Sydney event after an enjoyable trip there […]

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