Category: SQL Server

TSQL to get last good DBCC CHECKDB

This is a piece of code I use to determine the last known good DBCC CHECKDB being run against a database. I’m surprised this information is so tricky to find. I’d expect it to be sitting on the database properties tab right under last known full backup. but it’s not. Instead it is listed as a database Info property, and we need to jump through some hoops to find it.

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Optober – SQL sp_configure options – Backup Compression Default

Optober continues with more sp_configure option descriptions. This time it’s all about backup compression default. I was surprised today when doing a review that a client was still under the impression that backup compression was still an enterprise feature. No no no no no. It’s there for everyone with standard edition since SQL Server 2008 R2 and there’s really no reason not to be using it.

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