A Happy Birthday to My Daughters

I have twin daughters who turned five years old today.  They’ve had a fun weekend of partying, first with their kindy friends on Friday and then with both sides of the family on Sunday.  They have been thoroughly spoilt with all types of different presents, but I’m a strong believer in giving gifts that didn’t just come off the shelf of the local store.  To me that shows a bit of a personal touch and some thought about what it is the recipient of the gifts will like.  It has nothing at all to do with me being cheap:)

Now being a database guy there’s not much of my job that I can share with the girls.  Even though Kaylee asked for a database for her Birthday, we later deciphered she actually meant her own laptop, which is probably a bit much for a five year old.  But a week before the girls birthdays I started dabbling with a tool called construct 2, which allows even a programming Muppet like me to be able to put together a reasonable sort of a game in a short space of time.

So apart from the scooters and My Little Ponies, the girls also got this game made for them for their birthday:  http://www.gumptiongames.net/happybirthday/index.html

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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